1-Wire Weather Stations

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Interest has grown about creating weather stations and setting up a data input into a Collexion database for testing, analysis, and to create a software system that can be used for learning and experimentation. We will put together weather stations using pre-built components to get started in the hobby, and then we will branch out into data integration, manually building components, adding data warehousing and analytics, and more!

We can build a 1-Wire Weather Station using the Weather Toys book as a source. The book is broken down into 3 parts.

  1. Introduction to weather, introduction to weather stations, and introduction to 1-wire devices.
  2. Build a Weather Station
    1. Temperature
    2. Wind Speed and Wind Direction
    3. Humidity
    4. Barometric Pressure
    5. Rainfall
    6. Lightning
  3. Expanding the Weather Station
    1. Build a Weather Web Server
    2. Turn Appliances On or Off Based on Weather
    3. Add an LED display
    4. Build a Smart Sprinker Timer
    5. Build a Home Thermostat
    6. Build a Stand-Alone Weather Station (no PC required)

Educational Sources

Purchasing Sources

Project Planning

  1. Determine hardware requirements
  2. Determine costs for hardware
  3. Determine members interested in purchasing
  4. Hold planning meeting
  5. Hold design meeting
  6. Profit!