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| SoundHound
| SoundHound
| Identify songs you are listening to or sign to the device
| Identify songs you are listening to or sing to the device

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The following list of applications is taken from a sequence of emails on the Collexion mailing list. Much of the text is copied directly from emails. Thanks to Paul, Tim, Mike, and Dave for your input. Please feel free to update it and add your favorites.

Category Name Description Recommendations
Music Google Music Play MP3 files "surprisingly solid"
Meridian Supports gestures and headset buttons for next/prev/etc, which reduces the need to look at the device Good, free music player
SoundHound Identify songs you are listening to or sing to the device
Game Console Emulator GBA Emulator Lite Play Gameboy Games on your Android device
Snes9x Play Super Nintendo Games on your Android device
Games Free Android Angry Birds Shoot birds at pigs to get points comes with all levels available, paying just gets rid of ads
Serial Reader Fast Dilbert Reader gives a nice minimal frontend for the entire colorized Dilbert archive with good prefetch behavior and such. "the most perfect serial reader I've ever encountered"
DailyComix for reading other comics "isn't perfect but is better than doing it from the browser"
Category Name Description Recommendations
SSH Client ConnectBot
Keyboard Hacker's Keyboard Adds an alternate on-screen keyboard with better punctuation support for coders Handy with ConnectBot
File Browser ES File Explorer "you will need a file browser", "least hated free"
File Expert Like ES File Explorer, but supports sharing phone files via FTP/WWW/SMB over wifi Featureful
Advertisement Removal Ad-Free Android Remove advertisements from apps
Backup Titanium Backup Handy for removal of crapware
ROM Manager For dealing with bootloaders and ROMs "Highly recommended"
Application Store Amazon App Store An additional source of applications "free app of the day brings interesting (if apparently developer unfriendly) stuff from time to time"
Mail K-9 Mail OSS mail client based on the built-in one "Much, much better." (than built-in client
QR/Barcode Reader Barcode Scanner (by ZXing) Handles QR and other Barcodes preferred bar/QR app as well; Goggles does it too, but this ZXing is quicker and nicer.
ixMAT Scanner Can share stuff via QR code
QR Droid Many acquisition & sharing options, including from image
Device Tracking Prey Remote recovery and/or wipe in case of theft OSSish; "Prey does your basic locate/lock/alarm, but doesn't have remote wipe or a companion app for live location from another phone (works through email or the website). I like Prey because it's open, the people seem privacy-minded, and it's also available for PCs. The PC version can operate independently of their service, activating when it detects a 404 not found for a file at a URL you control."
Lookout Remote recovery and/or wipe in case of theft Free, as in beer; I think Lookout is the most popular. They also make "Plan B" that you can remotely install from the Market's web interface if you forgot to install a tracker before your device was misplaced/stolen, which is a clever trick.
Where's My Droid unobtrusive; Wheres my Droid can ring (optionally with a custom tone) or reply with GPS coordinates from text or email based on code phrases. There is a paid version with remote wiping capability, but I don't have it upgraded. It also has an option to send an alert if the SIM is swapped in your device.
Web Browsing Chrome to Phone Send clipboard & links to your tablet from your browser (Firefox extension available)
Location GPS Status Technical readout of GPS parameters Started ad-free, now has semi-intrusive ads
Llama Awesome location- and time-of-day-based settings management without using battery-hungry GPS. Can assign observed cell towers or wifi/bluetooth devices to locations, then change settings when entering/leaving. I have it disable GPS and enable wifi when I get home, start my podcast app (Google Listen) when I connect line out in the car. You can also create desktop shortcuts to gangs of actions. Awesome
Network Wifi Analyzer Wifi site survey showing who's on what channel; Can do audible signal strength indicator Started ad-free, now has semi-intrusive ads
Fing minimally-invasive network analyzer; Mostly good for finding machines on a LAN and checking connectivity when troubleshooting "pretty handy from time to time", "Nice nmap-lite in my pocket. I always forget about it because of its nonsensical name"
Command Line Superuser dumps the su binary in the right place, and provides a nice GUI to manage permissions required for technical users to find Android usable (rooted device required)
BusyBox command line shell required for technical users to find Android usable (rooted device required)

Other recommendations and helpful info for Android phones/tablets:

  • Don't forget to add the built-in Power Control Widget to one of your desktops if it's not already there. Nice quick toggles for various hardware bits.
  • The two largest/most functional Android hacking communities I've come across are rootzwiki.com and xda-developers.com They both have some internet politics and drama, and n00bhorde problems that come with being for a dominant platform, but you can usually shake the information you need out of their forums and wikis.