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The following list of applications is taken from a sequence of emails on the Collexion mailing list. Please feel free to update it and add your favorites.

Function Application Name Description Recommendations
SSH Client ConnectBot
File Browser ES File Explorer "you will need a file browser", "least hated free"
File Expert Like ES File Explorer, but supports sharing phone files via FTP/WWW/SMB over wifi Featureful
Advertisement Removal Ad-Free Android Remove advertisements from apps
Music Google Music Play MP3 files "surprisingly solid"
Game Console Emulator GBA Emulator Lite Play Gameboy Games on your Android device
Snes9x Play Super Nintendo Games on your Android device
Games Free Android Angry Birds Shoot birds at pigs to get points comes with all levels available, paying just gets rid of ads
Backup Titanium Backup Handy for removal of crapware
ROM Manager For dealing with bootloaders and ROMs "Highly recommended"
Application Store Amazon App Store An additional source of applications "free app of the day brings interesting (if apparently developer unfriendly) stuff from time to time"