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When: Saturdays or Anytime (if you have a key to the space)

Goal: by Oct 1st

Donations: See Nick





  • Provide Collexion members and the wider Lexington community with:
    • the means to create, modify, and share open-source designs for furniture, homewares, and other goods
    • the means to fabricate these goods
  • Showcase the open-source software and hardware that will be used in this project
  • Encourage the use of locally-produced building materials
  • Localize the means of production for home goods
  • Educate the community about the benefits of DIY and open source
  • Reduce the amount of money that flows to corporations who are ignoring their duties to their customers and society at large


Tools Used

  • Drills (Jason has cordless to borrow)
  • Circular Saw (Jason has cordless to borrow)
  • metal cutting saw (Need)
  • a 5/16" tap (a device that threads the inside of a hole to enable a screw/bolt to fasten) (need)
  • screwdriver(im sure we have plenty)

To Do List

  • Get Tools
  • Get CNC Hardware
  • Get Router
  • Get Wood/MDF