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When: Many Saturdays noon - 3 PM or Anytime (Check the calendar or the Collexion-CNC list to see if we're meeting any particular Saturday before coming down!)

Timeline: TBD.

Donations: Coming soon to Pledgie!



  • Provide Collexion members and the wider Lexington community with:
    • the means to create, modify, and share open-source designs for furniture, homewares, and other goods
    • the means to fabricate these goods
  • Learn CNC the fun way -- from the ground up!
  • Showcase the open-source software and hardware that will be used in this project
  • Encourage the use of locally-produced building materials
  • Localize the means of production for home goods
  • Educate the community about the benefits of DIY and open source
  • Reduce the amount of money that flows to corporations who are ignoring their duties to their customers and society at large
  • World Peace

The Machine

We are building an example of Joe's 4x4 Hybrid CNC Router:


Active discussions happen at periodic in-person meetings at Collexion (check the Collexion Calendar ) and at . Everyone is welcome to subscribe to that list.

Tools Used

  • Drills (Jason has cordless to borrow)
  • Circular Saw (Jason has cordless to borrow)
  • metal cutting saw (Collexion)
  • table saw (Collexion)
  • a 5/16" tap (a device that threads the inside of a hole to enable a screw/bolt to fasten) (need)
  • screwdriver(im sure we have plenty)
  • time on someone else's CNC Router to cut out gantry parts. (Or buy a kit)

To Do List

  • Analyze Joe's plans
  • Develop shopping list
  • Source Parts
  • Get Tools
  • Get CNC Hardware
  • Get Router
  • Purchase materials
  • Explore software options
  • Dust collection. (Will serve entire shop (table saw, etc.), not just the router, right?)


Eliminate MDF parts with an aluminum casting?

Other Designs

Some other plans we considered. All are viable, and our selection of Joe's plans should NOT be taken to diminish any of these fine designs.