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Classes @ Collexion

Collexion offers workshops and classes on a variety of technology, DIY, and life hacking topics. We suggest signing up early but you're always welcome to drop in! We'd love to have you participate! Most classes are free or have suggested donations that go to keep Collexion running. We're a non-profit, you know! Please contact the instructor of the class you're interested in for more information! Anyone is welcome to participate and anyone is welcome to start their own class on their topic of expertise or interest!

Fall Program Schedule

The following classes start in or around September. If you'd like to join, please sign up early by letting the instructor know.

Dream Hacking

Instructor: Nikolai Warner

Dates: Tuesdays 7pm-8pm, starting September 6th through October 4th

About: Take advantage of all that time you spend asleep! Learn how to make your dreams rock! Each week we'll explore techniques and technologies for having totally rad dreams and we'll share our individual progresses into our minds!

Android Workshop

instructor: JasonHollis

Dates: TBD

About: A workshop where will build our own "breaduino" and eventually work on a project like "wireless temp monitoring"

[Question - Is this an Android or Ardiuino workshop? Or both? -dave]

Hackerspace Workshop Development

Instructor: Nikolai Warner

Dates: Tuesdays 8pm-9pm, starting September 6th through October 4th

About: A workshop about workshops! Learn how to develop and start your own community education class. Have an idea for something you'd like to learn more about or teach others about? We'll help you develop your class in our class! Tre meta!

Improvisational Acting

Instructor: Nikolai Warner

Dates: TBD

About: Learn the basics of improv acting. Maybe we'll build a troupe out of it!

Craftmaking with a 3D Printer

Instructor: Nikolai Warner

Dates: Mondays 7pm-8pm, starting September 12th through October 10th

About: Take your folking crafts into the future with an injection of 3D printer technology.

Homebrew School

Instructor: TBD

Dates: TBD

About: Learn how to make beer, wine, and other brewed things at home.


Instructor: Bill Dieter

Dates: Thursdays, 7 PM - 8 PM, starting September 6th through October 4th

About: Computer vision is the field of trying to extract meaning from the contents of static images or video. OpenCV implements many common image processing and computer vision algorithms in an open source C++ library. It is designed to speed up creation of computer vision applications by removing the drudgery of re-implementing well known algorithms. OpenCV compiles and runs under Linux, Mac, and Windows and has drivers for most common web cams, as well as high end cameras.

The goal of this class is to introduce OpenCV and build a few simple programs with OpenCV and using Qt to provide a GUI interface. At the end of the class, students will be ready to explore OpenCV in more depth for their own projects.

Prerequisites: Passing knowledge of C/C++, a computer with network interface, a web cam

Welding in 60 Minutes

Instructor: Scooter Dave

Date: TBD (1-3 hours depending on turnout)

About: Learn the basics of MIG welding. This is amateur hour - not intended for structural applications or professional advancement. Everyone gets to make sparks and go home with a doodle in steel. May go into gas (Oxy/acetylene) and stick welding if another instructor steps forward.

Bring: A welder's mask -- REQUIRED! You can probably find one to borrow from a coworker or friend. Or buy a cheapie at HF. Wear nasty jeans and a long-sleeve cotton shirt that you don't love very much. Bring gloves if you've got 'em. You don't want massive fire-fighting gloves...light leather or sturdy cotton garden gloves are adequate. Bring some clean steel bits if you want to make something pretty out of them. Otherwise, we'll provide some scraps to play with.

Hazards: Temporary blindness. Minor burns. Electrocution. Laceration.

Want to start your own class?

First of all, you rock! Take the first step and contact Nikolai Warner [1] to get more info and find a spot in the schedule! Really, all you need is some enthusiasm about a topic and the time to lead others in learning about it. Experts not required! Heck, just learn while you lead! You might also consider attending the Hackerspace Workshop Development class to refine your class and get prepared a bit.