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Feb 9 - A Quicksails/Andrew Scott Young/Sick Hour show from WRFL: info TBA

Feb 16 - 9pm - Daily Life (from RI, Chris that used to do Kites), Walter Carson/Three Legged Race

Feb 17 - 7pm - Collexion Book Club

Feb 18 - 1pm - Collexion Potluck 1.0

Feb 19 - Possible: A rock show featuring LVL1's Cprek: info TBA

Feb 21 - 6-10pm - crucible tongs/ taboo/ ancestral diet

Feb 25 - The Beets, 30th century men.... more info TBA

March 10 - CMKT4 Circuit Bending Workshop.... more info TBA

July 13/14 - Possible show/event


Regular Events

Every Tuesday

Hack-All-Day Day at Collexion Hackerspace, 8am - 8pm. Work at the space on lame stuff or super cool stuff. Your choice! Bring friends!

Every Wednesday

Weekly Collexion General Meeting. at Collexion Hackerspace, 6pm. A formally informal get-together for nerds to talk and hack! A great time to come if you're new or hackcurious!

Every Thursday

Tech book club. Collexion, 7:00pm. Current book is Visualizing Data (book).

Every Friday

Collexion & Friends Lunch Meetup, 1pm. Restaurant varies, check the email list.

Every Saturday

Game Night at Collexion, 7pm. Join us as we play cool board games, video games, and mind games. Check the mailing list or IRC to see what we've got running this week.

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