E-Day 2011

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"Engineers Day, or E-day, is a celebration of everything engineering has to offer." UK Engineers Day Open House

We brought acrylic that the kids etched and then glow with a LED and battery, showed off the adruino, and made a drawbot from a plastic cup, markers, and a vibrating motor. Special thanks goes to xtoddx for bringing the supplies and being generally awesome.

Eday2011 hacking.JPG Hackers hacking.

Eday2011 timwooo.JPG Tim has an idea!

EDay2011 NickToddTimDustin.JPG The debate continues, Mustaches: Particle or Wave?

EDay2011ToddNickArmWrestling.JPG Strength Challenges

EDay2011DustinDrawBot.JPG Dustin hacks the Drawbot.