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Collexion Game Jam #1

(May 20, 2011 7:00pm - May 21 7:00am) (part of Buildycrunken @ Collexion)

Come take part in Collexion's first GAME JAM! We will spend the night hacking, with the goal of producing a playable, win-losable game. We'll start the night with an assortment of assets contributed by local artists, for you to work your arcane interactivating skills upon. Of course, you can make or modify as much more art during the session as you feel. Small teams or individual entries are encouraged!

At the end of the night, we'll post submitted games on the web for people to download and play.

Artists: Want to see your work enjoyed in a whole new way? Contribute it to GAME JAM! We'll need plenty of beautiful imagery to make the game worlds really shine. Mainly we need two types of art: sprites for foreground (think cel animation, except with PNGs instead of plastic sheets), and environment for imagery. New work is great, and if you have any existing pieces which you'd be willing to donate for crazy mashups, that's great too! Whatever medium you want to start with (papier-mâché, pen and markers, etc.) is great, just as long as it can end up digital. Backgrounds should be transparent, except in the case that images are intended specifically to be used as backdrops.

Coders: Work in whatever you're most comfortable with, be it C#, Python, Blender Game Engine, Max/MSP, or what have you. Just keep in mind that an end goal is to be able to share your games with the rest of the audience, so something that can run on Windows, OSX, Linux (Ubuntu?) with a minimum of extra setup and peripherals would be best. If you really want to make an iPad or XBox game, or something that uses the latest shader technologies, of course it's fine, just realize you may be cutting out some of the audience.

If you want to come to Game Jam and either work with a team all night or make new assets all night and share them with all the teams, that would be great.

Finally, to get the inspiration rolling, the overall theme will be (in coordination with the Experimental Gameplay Project) :


Feel free to take it in any direction you wish.

Happy jamming!