Makerbot Thing-O-Matic build notes

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This space is intended to document progress on our Makerbot build. It should contain any information that other builders or future users might need to know, as well as general build status.


Initial build session. All parts packages accounted for.

Tools to bring to the space for build sessions:

  • Utility knife and/or scissors
  • Needle-nose pliers

Broken rib, front
Broken rib, back

We broke one of the Automated Build Platform's wooden ribs (with bushings for the drive rods). Some of the corners are really delicate. We repaired it with epoxy inside, a dab of hot glue outside, and marked the joint with black arrows in case it causes problems down the road.

The ABP's conveyor belt was too wide, wider than it appears in photos of other people's platforms. We trimmed it down to about 0.5cm inside the foil heat spreader on either side.

The ABP's conveyor belt is also very tight. It's difficult to move by hand, and it's bowing the rollers on either end. The kit contains three loops of conveyor plastic and two strips of conveyor plastic that look like they're intended to be taped into loops. No explanation for the strips in the instructions, and no mention of roller tightness.


  • Wiring attached to conveyor motor
  • Y-stage build in progress
  • FINISHED - Automated Build Platform
  • FINISHED - Z-stage
  • FINISHED - Motherboard firmware update
  • FINISHED - Extruder firmware update

For next time:

  • If a construction phase is incomplete, link to the instructions page and enter the title of the next step to be performed