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(In The Future)
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* [[Barbot]]
* [[Barbot]]
* cardboard boat building
* cardboard boat building
* game dev club  
* game dev club
* Build CNC Machine
* Giant Robot, possibly fire-breathing
* Giant Robot, possibly fire-breathing
* Rocket Cars
* Rocket Cars

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These are massive projects that can involve everyone's skills:


In The Future

  • Barbot
  • cardboard boat building
  • game dev club
  • Giant Robot, possibly fire-breathing
  • Rocket Cars
  • Build HERF Gun
  • Get involved in building CI software: Cici Hack Challenge
  • Bluetooth people tracking
  • carbon fiber creations
  • lightweight hammock fabrication
  • line following robot with cutter -- diabolical CNC monster
  • multi-touch table/wall-mounted display
  • head-mounted displays
  • LCD projector
  • 3D augmented reality UI (with HMDs)
  • custom lasertag system
  • Overhead projector + LCD screen = computar projector
  • Build a better coffee straw
  • Build a better thermos for commuting on a bike
  • Solar Dehydrator
  • Collexion Creation Kit: A LiveCD / Distro loaded with tools and tutorials for making digital things.
  • MAME cabinet


  • street bowling
  • mechanical peggle
  • iphone game where you see how high you can throw the phone
  • make genesis game and burn cartridges
  • molding and casting our own custom role playing minis
  • life-size settlers of catan game
  • 2D game creation: todd and steev have some ideas
  • Twister spinner iPhone app
  • Spray paint a twister board on the floor