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Collexion Internet Connection Details

We have a WiMax connection to See Router Settings for the IP address information.

The bandwidth appears to be 4 Mbit x 4 Mbit symmetric. Maybe 4M x 2M. And Todd says we're paying $85/mo for it.

Some alternatives that would be better and cheaper:

  • has offered us some cheaper stuff, but there are some physical constraints. The first idea was dry copper, and running SDSL over it. Unfortunately our building is on a remote and not directly attached to the CO, so dry copper isn't available. The second idea was using Motorola Canopy radios, but there are line of sight problems to that building -- or at least we think there are -- we need a ladder to get up to the roof to check this.
  • The business class Insight cable might permit running servers. Their 6M x 1M plan is $70, and that's with just one IP -- five IP's is $90. Not much of an improvement...